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Why A Sleep Mask Might Be The Key To Great Rest

Many people believe that wearing a sleep mask during the night can help improve your sleep quality. Read on to find out more about why and how a sleep mask can help you get more rest.

Disclaimer: Your lifestyle choices can have a negative impact on your sleep quality. For example; alcohol, caffeine and other substances are known to disturb your sleep quality. For the best results in optimizing your sleep quality, you also need to exercise, have a healthy diet and optimize your lifestyle. Read our “the best healthy habits for better sleep” article for more information

If you've ever had a less-than-restful night's sleep, you know how frustrating it can be to feel exhausted the next day. The good news is there are some simple things you can do to set yourself up for success. One of those things? Investing in a quality sleep mask. Read on to learn more about why a sleep mask just might be the key to great rest.

A sleep mask can help improve sleep quality

A good night's sleep can be hard to come by and can profoundly impact our emotional, mental and physical well-being. That's why utilizing a sleep mask can help improve sleep quality for many of us. 

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Depending on the type of sleep mask you use, these masks are designed to block out light and allow our eyes to stay shut, allowing the individual to reach high-quality deep & REM sleep without distraction. Not only will this decrease wakefulness during sleep, but it will also increase cognitive function during the day and provide much-needed rest that your body needs. A simple purchase like a sleep mask may be what you need to get back on track and achieve higher quality, deeper periods of sleep!

How does Sleep Mask help In Sleeping?

A sleep mask is a great tool for getting a good night's sleep by blocking out unwanted light. It is a flexible eye covering designed to fit comfortably around the wearer's face and block disturbing light so that they can achieve a restful, sound sleep. 

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The most effective masks are made from top quality, super soft materials such as crystal velvet, memory foam, yoga pants material, or snug-fitting fabric with an embedded insert that prevents any outside light from reaching your eyes and promotes muscle relaxation. Some masks include unique features such as earplugs, aromatherapy materials, or an adjustable elastic strap for added comfort.

When used correctly, these masks are able to drop your body into a state of relaxed calmness and can aid in helping create more peaceful sleeping patterns.

Benefits of using a sleep mask

Waking up feeling well-rested and refreshed can be difficult in this day and age, but incorporating something as simple as a sleep mask into your daily routine can have an immense impact on the amount of rest you're getting.

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Not only can they reduce stress and anxiety levels while helping promote more restful sleep, but sleep masks have been shown also to improve your mood, focus, and productivity during the day. Our bodies are naturally attuned to the rhythms of light and darkness, and using a sleeping mask can help to regulate your circadian rhythm and improve your sleep-wake cycle. This can lead to better energy levels and more consistent sleep patterns, this is especially important for entrepreneurs and productive people who need to stay focused and alert during the day.

Wearing a sleep mask helps block out the light emitted by screens or other sources. Research suggests that limiting your exposure to these unnatural light sources can greatly improve the overall quality of your sleep. Additionally, wearing a mask when you go to bed is safer and a low-risk, non-chemical alternative to more conventional sleep aids such as medication and alcohol.

Tips for choosing the right sleep mask for maximum comfort

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With the right sleep mask, getting a good night's sleep can be effortless. To choose the right one, look for a lightweight mask that won't shift as you move your head while sleeping. It should also be soft and comfortable while blocking out ambient light. Consider buying one with adjustable elastic straps to ensure a customized fit without scratchy velcros or the need for overtightening. While noise-blocking isn’t necessary, if this is an issue for you, try investing in comfortable earplugs. 

Finally, with these tips in mind, finding the perfect sleep mask for maximum comfort won’t be too difficult.

High quality and super comfortable sleep mask for a better night's sleep from sleeprlo

Final thoughts

A sleep mask may be the answer if you’re looking for a way to improve your sleep quality. Sleep masks work by blocking out light and promoting relaxation, both of which can lead to improved sleep. In addition to improving sleep quality, using a sleep mask can also reduce stress levels and distractions, and help improve your overall well-being to achieve greater success in your personal and professional lives. When choosing a sleep mask, it’s important to consider material, size, and shape factors. When choosing a sleep mask, it’s important to consider material, size, and shape factors. 

We have the best sleep mask that can help you get a good night’s sleep. Introducing our Sonno Sleep Mask™. At home or on the road, its the eas­i­est and most con­ve­nient way to stop light from ru­in­ing your sleep. Includes also a carrying pouch and 1 pair of Premium Earplugs. Its unique 3D contoured design allows you to blink your eyes freely - helps promote uninterrupted deep sleep, you won't believe you're even wearing one.

With the right mask, you can be sure to wake up feeling refreshed and energized every morning! Now it is time to take a mid-afternoon nap.

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